6 weeks old

At 6 weeks, it was hard to get a photo of them together. They were constantly into something.

Great grandma Hermione was now allowed to visit and puppy sit.

They got to go outside.

They had their first set of visitors.
It was tough being a puppy. And Hermione loves puppies.

5 weeks old

This was a big week.  They were getting more active
They got to go outside and met the rest of the family. They all took turn to sniff them out.
They were on soaked kibbles
They still had to figure out that the water bowl was not a head rest.
Nor was it something to sleep on. But they didn't mind getting wet.
They spent more time outside the whelping box
They were playing.
They played with their grandma, and were being exposed to the rest of the house.
Great grandma Hermione got to puppy sit often.

4 weeks old

Puppies had reached many milestones
They were eating soaked/ soften kibbles.  They still got milk a couple times a day.
They started to show interest in the "outside" world.
In fact, 2 of the puppies had managed to escape the whelping box. Therefore, the pig rail has been removed.

They were playing with toys.
Black girl
Green boy
Brown girl
White girl.

Fantastic beasts

We watched Fantastic Beasts last night and Frank found a suitcase so we decided to do a photo session. 
And the beasts were escaping.
They went up to the deck and met great grandma Hermione.
Grandma Moka checked them out.
It was Moka's birthday, so there was the 4 generation photo.

3 weeks old

They are getting chubby. 2 are over 4 pounds.
They are also getting more vigorous.

They are getting more responsive.

2 weeks old

2 weeks old, eyes are all opened.
They are getting more active and is almost walking.
They are loving their milk bar.

1 week old

They are 1 week old today.

They weren't doing much other than just eat and sleep. Someone had doubled her birth weight though.